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Spears family session {Fort Worth Family Photography}

K and G have 2 very energetic, adventurous “big” boys C and R. We did a family session and also a mini session for the youngest out at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth. We had a lot of fun playing around and just so happened to get some good shots as well!
I love this shot! Little boys are so funny. R was trying so hard to figure out how to rest his chin in his hands. I’m suspicious he was also being a little silly.

From the looks of this picture you would think they were this sweet to one another all the time.

C paused for me to get a shot just a split second before he jumped out of the tree. These guys are all boy.
Their Daddy is very tall to begin with, now imagine him tossing you up into the air. No fear!
On your mark! Get set! Go!


Francesca and James {Fort Worth Wedding Photography}

I was the florist and photographer for F & J’s wedding. The little chapel where the wedding was held was the perfect setting for their small, intimate ceremony.

She chose shades of pink and pale green for the bouquets. I used roses, stock, snapdragons, freesia and hydrangeas. For a fun, feathery look I surrounded the bride’s bouquet with tree fern.
The boutonnieres were made of fragrant, white freesia and wax flower.

This couple chose to do a “sand ceremony” as representation of their two lives joining and becoming one. This is similar to the unity candle.

The reception area was decorated with tons of candles floating in cylinder vases, petals and small flower arrangements.


Mary and Chad [Houston Wedding Photography]

C & M were married this past summer and I traveled to Houston to photograph their wedding and reception. Here are a few of my favorites from this event.
I just loved the texture and bright color of the bridesmaids dresses hanging together on the rack in the dressing room.

This was a detail shot of the back of the bride’s dress. It was so simple and so elegant. Of course it looked wonderful on her!

I try to get “action” shots of the bridal party before the ceremony instead of stiff formal poses. I find it helps them get comfortable around the camera and brings out their personality.

The church where the ceremony was held had a beautiful courtyard that was a perfect setting for portraits. If you zoom in on this picture you can see M’s beautiful, blue eyes.

This couple was so in love you can just see the joy of the day beaming on their faces.

Above is the couple strolling through the courtyard after the ceremony.

I know that details are important to brides from the color scheme to the toasting glasses. I try to capture those details because after the party is over and everyone goes home the pictures are what you have left to remember your day. The “things” get packed away in keepsake boxes but the images help you relive those precious memories every time you flip through your album.


Alana and Jason [Arlington Wedding Photography]

For A & J’s wedding I wore many hats. I photographed their engagement and bridal portraits, was their wedding planner/coordinator, their florist and photographer on their big day. By the end of it all I would say we were good friends as well.

They chose bright shades of green (my favorite) with subtle champagne accents for their color scheme. It all came together wonderfully. We picked out the fabric and a designer custom made the bridesmaid’s flirty, green skirts and champagne, bustier tops. They were accented with a coordinating green ribbon at the waist.

“A” chose an elegant bouquet of long stem calla lilies and “J” wore a calla lily boutonniere to match. The bridesmaids carried a nosegay of bright green hydrangeas and cymbidium orchids. The boutonnieres were made of little, green dendrobium orchids and for the corsages we also added champagne roses.

This fun couple opted to go with a silver, 4 tiered dessert tray filled with assorted cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake. They also had an amazingly yummy chocolate fountain surrounded with fruits and sweets. As you can imagine the guests really enjoyed these “not so traditional” reception treats.

In lieu of a guest book we had 3 of their engagement photos framed and let the guests sign the matte with silver pens. This made a great keepsake for the couple to hang on their wall.

On the table where the bridal portraits were displayed there were note cards set out for “experienced” couples to offer advice to the newlyweds.

We spent 10 months putting all the elements of this wedding together. From the handmade, monogrammed invitations to the creative menu and final dance song it was so fulfilling to see it all come to fruition.


Susan and Eric [Fort Worth Wedding Photography]

For the wedding of S & E I had the privilege of providing them with my photography and floral design services. They chose a beautiful combination of pinks and purples with a variety of blooms and textures.

The flower girl carried a pomander of alstromeria, spray roses, tulips and wax flower. This is a popular option considering that most facilities will no longer allow them to toss petals.
The large urn arrangements were bursting with gladiolas, hydrangeas, stargazer lilies, roses, wax flower and lemon leaf. These arrangements were transported to the reception site after the ceremony for further enjoyment. The arrangement can also be removed from the urn for the couple to take home after the event or to send home with a special guest.

The church was very traditional, ornate and beautiful with a very, very long center aisle. Unfortunately I had to do all of my photography from the back of that long aisle. Thank goodness for my zoom lens!

The bride chose a colorful and fragrant bouquet of stargazer lilies, roses, freesia and wax flower.
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