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The Tattoo Project {Fort Worth Tattoo Photographer}

I am so fascinated by art and artists; by talent, conception, creation, expression, medium & canvases. Maybe it started as a kid when I just couldn’t resist coloring on the walls. I remember sitting in my closet, crayon in hand, inner turmoil and that blank canvas before me beckoning me to express and create. I’ll never forget the moment when I picked up a camera and the excitement, potential and vision came over me, when all of a sudden I saw things through a different set of eyes. I knew that was going to be my passion, my hobby, my art.

I love to see how others express their art. Whatever the medium is the passion and desire to create is the same. I like to stroll through galleries and get lost in a painting. I like to flip through photography books. Watch documentaries on artists and their lives. With many pieces there are questions evoked that will never be answered because the art wasn’t discovered or appreciated until after the death of the artist.

I heard the tattoo artist, Tim Hendricks, say recently “Tattoos are the least permanent form of art. Trees live longer than people. People are not permanent.” Wow, that is so true! Think about it. All the beautiful paintings, sculptures and images that are left behind for generations to come long after the artists that created them have passed away. The tattoo is only permanent in this life to the person who bears it. When they go they take their art with them.

I’m always curious, when I see a beautiful piece of art permanently painted on someone’s body, what the story is. I see the illustration but what are the words and feelings that go with it? Such privacy and intimacy (possibly even embarrassment) accompanied by such a bold proclamation.

Tattoos are like stories. Symbols of important moments in life. Reflections of significant decisions, good and bad. Memorials to ones that were loved and lost. Honors to our heroes. Reminders of where we came from and where we are going. The ironic thing is that usually the resulting image was the vision of the canvas not the artist.

 This year I will be telling some of those stories and sharing some of those secrets through my images and the words of the living canvases. These stories come from young and old, mothers, rebels, males and females, many different religions and races and people from all walks of life. Some of the stories are funny and some are sad. Some are deeply meaningful and some are just for fun (or a drunken dare). Whatever the reason a tattoo was what felt right and how they chose to express that moment.

I will post the first of the stories and images next week. This post I wanted to share submitted images of children that wanted to express themselves with body art. I’m sure we all remember the feeling that came over us as a child when we had a marker in hand and it just made sense to draw on ourselves. I even draw on my own kid! (Seriously, is there anyone out there who never marked on themselves as a kid? Who never had their face painted or put on a fake tattoo?) Enjoy!
*Thanks to all the parents who shared these images with me!

image above by Amy Page

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