Monthly archives March 2012

Romy is 6 months {DFW baby photographer}

Sweet Romy is 6 months old! She is Coco’s baby sister (previous post) and I got to meet her the second she was born. My own little Reese was there for her birth as well and they are “best friends”.  Well as much as a 6 month old and a 10 month old can be. :o) I must say I was super impressed with her modeling and all the different looks she gave the camera. This girl is a pro!


Coco turns 3 {DFW portrait photographer}

I have known this lovely lady and have been priveledged to photograph her many times since she was born. It helps to have a standing relationship when you want to take pictures of a toddler :o) Here are a few of the “full of personality” images we got at our shoot. I just love the vibrant colors!
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