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Chelsea & Andrew {DFW Wedding Photographer}

Chelsea and Andrew
“A Classy Country Affair”

When I met this bride I could not have been more excited about this wedding! The couple is gorgeous and sweet with a lifelong friendship turned into love story. The location was really old but it was new to me. The ceremony took place in the old chapel on the grounds of the Historic Stephenville Museum. Picture perfect, a photographer’s dream.  
When the wedding day arrived it was a gorgeous, bright & sunny, summer day. Every detail was perfect and thought out from the burlap & lace to the sunset heather & babies breath. There was even a corn cob pipe!
It was a whirlwind of a day. Somehow we crammed in 10 hours of coverage into a 5 hour day producing almost 2,000 images. The other amazing photographer and my second shooter for the day Casey Chappell and I just couldn’t stop taking pictures! (Casey, I can not thank you enough!!) Choosing which ones to share with you took days of editing and narrowing down. I wish I could share them all but hopefully this will give you a glimpse of their perfect day.
They were surrounded by family. They were surrounded by love. 


A beautiful birth {DFW birth photography}

At 10:14pm July 2 I get a text that reads “Baby may be on it’s way I talked to Molly (the midwife). I will let you know if I have her come over.” Less than 20 minutes later I get another text “Molly is on her way.” Hmm, that was pretty snappy. I respond with a long text asking questions and letting her know I would come whenever. The response I got was “okay”. The time was now 10:44pm. In 30 minutes things went from maybe having a baby to things are so intense the only thing I can manage to text is a simple okay. 
At this point I don’t wait for any more texts. I grab my camera and run out the door! So glad I did. Sweet baby girl was born at 12:51am just about an hour and a half after I arrived. 

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