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The Big Latch On {DFW breastfeeding photography}

This year I was invited to photograph The Big Latch On and family expo sponsored by The Tarrant County Breastfeeding Coalition at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. There were over 100 moms with nurslings (along with dads and siblings) that participated in this local event and over 8,000 that participated nationally! Here are a few images of these beautiful moms and babies from this world record event. Be sure and look for the links to some amazing mother and baby friendly vendors/services that were represented at the event!!

                                                         The Chiropractic Wellness Cafe


The Birth of Romy- 1 year later {DFW Birth Photography}

OK so this is going to be a long post. 1 year ago today I had the privilege of attending Romy’s birth. This also happened to be my anniversary so I will never forget this lovely little lady’s birthday. There were 7 women, 1 man, 1 toddler and a 4 month old present for the birth. (The midwife didn’t make it and the back up midwife arrived shortly after. The student midwife was there to catch) Each one had their job to do-there was actually a list on the fridge ;o) There was another photographer, the fantastic Val Canon, an amazing cinematographer Ceci Jane. My primary job was (the toddler and soon to be big sister) Coco’s liaison, general practical thinker and go to person if a “situation” arose and if I could work it in a second photographer. Oh and I also had my 4 month old baby with me. After the birth I decided to leave the blog posting to the other amazing photgraphers and the proud mama so on her first birthday it’s Aunt B’s turn.

The story begins the day before. I called Shannon who was 10 months pregnant and said “I know you may not be up for it but why don’t you come over and take some maternity pictures. How cool would it be to have these if you end up having the baby the next day?!” or something to that effect.

Well sure enough the baby decided to come about 18 hours after we took the maternity pictures.

 Part of the birth paparazzi

 As seen below I took the above image while hanging with C in the kitchen and nursing my little one
The littles hanging out on the couch while S labored in the bedroom

 making a birthday cake for baby sister!

 I love the story this picture tells of the normalcy of birth. A 2 year old having snacks on the couch, a baby having her morning nap, a mama laboring in the birth pool and lot’s of love and support in the back ground.

 Helping mommy through pushing.

 I was actually holding C so she could see her sister being born while I took these images of the birth and the moments right after.  My baby was still napping on the couch a few feet away.

 Haha! My little Reese woke up, wanted mommy and wanted to meet her new friend. I took the following images while Reese nursed. Thankfully she was small enough I could hold her in one arm and my camera in the other.

 Happy Birthday Romy! This is Alexa the amazing house doula. While the baby was being born there was a cake in the oven and a wonderful brunch being prepared. It was like Kraft Foods on the set of a movie in there! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

 Tonya the doula getting her snuggle time. These are the perks of her job!

 Val got to put her camera down and get a snuggle to.

 The birth posse.

Val and I went back a few days later to tag team a newborn session. Little Romy has to be the most photographed baby ever!


Happy Happy Wonderful Day Sweet Romy! Aunt B loves you. Hey, we should take some pictures!
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