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The Birth of Rowan {DFW Birth Photography}

“Rowan Lura Lillibridge was born 2 hours after the peak of the full moon on devils night, the night before Halloween. Born on her due date, just like her sister, Ruby. She is tiny and fat and perfect. Rose is in love, we all are ♥♥” 

Where do I start to tell you about this beautiful family, birth and baby? With an ugly cry I suppose. I have been doing it for 2 days. At first I thought it was the sleep deprivation. I realized today, after 9 solid hours of uninterrupted sleep, that  was not the case. The tears are coming from 2 places. Both places are love, but one is the joyful kind being so completely elated and in love with this squishy baby.  The other place being the painful kind knowing that this birth meant the countdown to saying goodbye to special friends. They will be moving soon to be with family up north. Damn Yankees!!
Today, since I am looking at the keyboard through cloudy eyes, I will let the images tell the story of this beautiful birth.
I love you precious family.

lillibridge baby preview-1610

lillibridge baby preview-1619

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lillibridge baby preview-1632

lillibridge baby preview-1654

lillibridge baby preview-1680

lillibridge baby preview-1683

lillibridge baby preview-1687

lillibridge baby preview-1717

lillibridge baby preview-1741

lillibridge baby preview-1750

lillibridge baby preview-1753

lillibridge baby preview-1785

lillibridge baby preview-1785-2

lillibridge baby preview-1795

lillibridge baby preview-1819

lillibridge baby preview-1828

lillibridge baby preview-1855

lillibridge baby preview-2032

lillibridge baby preview-2038

lillibridge baby preview-2073

lillibridge baby preview-2086

lillibridge baby preview-2087

Thank you Jenni of Joyful Birth ~ Doula Care for taking this image of me getting sweet snuggle time!

lillibridge baby preview-2016


Mickey loves Alison {DFW Wedding Photographer}

I met this lovely bride by chance one night. I walked into a tattoo shop with a friend late one night where Alison was a piercer. I pulled out my camera to photograph my friend and Alison asked “You don’t happen to photograph weddings do you?”  I get really excited when things work out like this. Like it was meant to be.

Mickey and Alison are definitely meant to be. 

Their wedding day was marked by love. They were surrounded by support, friendship, family and encouragement. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get choked up more than once at the outpouring of love that was showered on these beaming newly weds.

*You can read more about their love story here and see pictures from her bridal session and the images I took at the shop that night.

micky and alison blog-0176

micky and alison blog-
micky and alison blog-0210

micky and alison blog-0220

micky and alison blog-0234

micky and alison blog-0209

micky and alison blog-0301

micky and alison blog-0273

micky and alison blog-0281

micky and alison blog-0315

micky and alison blog-0320

micky and alison blog-0354

micky and alison blog-0334

micky and alison blog--2
micky and alison blog--3

micky and alison blog-0416

micky and alison blog-0578

micky and alison blog-0482

micky and alison blog-0507

micky and alison blog-0509

micky and alison blog-0639

micky and alison blog-0644

micky and alison blog-0649

micky and alison blog-0672

micky and alison blog-0709

micky and alison blog-0716

micky and alison blog-0803

micky and alison blog-0867

micky and alison blog-0868

micky and alison blog-0890

micky and alison blog-0841

micky and alison blog-0909

micky and alison blog--4

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