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Sweet baby K {DFW newborn photography}

I wish this was just another traditional newborn session blog post. Unfortunately I had to visit this sweet baby at the hospital. In short he has a severe allergy to dairy and soy so his formula was causing him problems. He went to the hospital for complications from the allergy and was exposed to RSV. With his system already ravaged he is now fighting a dangerous virus. He is fighting to breathe, to eat, to gain weight, fighting to live. It shouldn’t be this hard for little ones. Your heart breaks for them and you want to take it away. I can’t take it away but I can share these images. I can share some of the circumstances. I can share the need and the need is great.
First and foremost this family needs your prayers for complete healing and endurance to run this race. 
The financial needs are great. Not only are the hospital bills stacking up but mom and dad haven’t been able to work regularly since sometime back in November. Daddy has had his own hospital stays and health concerns and then both of the babies health began to deteriorate. *they also have a 14 month old who has been hospitalized and is now discharged and staying with a family friend. As you know it takes a lot of money to pay the bills and you can’t make money if your family is in and out of the hospital. Right now mom and Dad are camped out at the hospital 24/7. How can you even think about work when your biggest concern for the day is that your baby keeps breathing?
I am linking to a facebook page Praying for the Crows where you can follow along and get updates as well as information on how to help and donate. Please share, pray and donate as you feel led! 

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