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The Birth Of Bryson {DFW Birth Photography}

Birth is a miracle. Every single one. I am honored and humbled every time I am invited in to that sacred place. The tears come every time. I am overwhelmed with the energy that fills the room when a new soul takes it’s first breath. There are really no words to describe that moment. Today is was a beautiful day to be born. God is good…All the time.

bryson preview-
bryson preview-8890

bryson preview-8900

bryson preview-8910

bryson preview-8917

bryson preview-8942

bryson preview-8953

bryson preview-8962

bryson preview-8974

bryson preview-8978

bryson preview-8981

bryson preview-9029

bryson preview-9045

bryson preview-9069

bryson preview-9095

bryson preview-9184

bryson preview-9207

bryson preview-9211

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