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Marc and Amanda {Houston wedding photography}

I have known Amanda since we were little girls so I was thrilled to be asked to photograph her wedding down in Houston. We just made a family weekend trip out of it. Nothing was rushed, everything flowed, nothing dragged, ceremony was beautiful~complete with a tear or two, dinner was lovely and the party was fun! Congratulations Marc and Amanda!

amanda and marc preview-9537

amanda and marc preview-9556amanda and marc preview-amanda and marc preview-9697amanda and marc preview-9711amanda and marc preview-9723amanda and marc preview--2amanda and marc preview-9613amanda and marc preview-9617amanda and marc preview-9751amanda and marc preview-9760amanda and marc preview-9779amanda and marc preview-9790amanda and marc preview-9804amanda and marc preview-9809amanda and marc preview-9825amanda and marc preview-9837amanda and marc preview-9848amanda and marc preview-9891amanda and marc preview-9897amanda and marc preview-9914amanda and marc preview-9924amanda and marc preview-9932amanda and marc preview-0024amanda and marc preview-0038amanda and marc preview--3amanda and marc preview-0072amanda and marc preview-0193amanda and marc preview-0171amanda and marc preview-0191amanda and marc preview-0251amanda and marc preview-0284amanda and marc preview-0285amanda and marc preview-0286amanda and marc preview-0287amanda and marc preview-0289


Chris and Katie’s wedding {DFW wedding photographer}

Sweet Katie and Sweet Chris. This was one of those couples that you just can not wait for them to start their lives together because you just know they will not only “make it” but will make an impact on this world together. It was so lovely for me to be a part of their special day and I am lucky to be able to share a sneak peak of their love story with you today.
*sorry that the image placement skips all over the page. blogger was giving me trouble tonight :-/

c & k preview-8923

c & k preview-8921

c & k preview-8954
c & k preview-8976
c & k preview-9001

c & k preview-8985

c & k preview-9011

c & k preview-9015
c & k preview-9021c & k preview-9030
c & k preview-9079

c & k preview-9066

c & k preview-9071

c & k preview-9165

c & k preview-9123

c & k preview-9172

c & k preview-9182

c & k preview-9213

c & k preview-9232

c & k preview-9249

c & k preview-9341

c & k preview-9365c & k preview-9356

c & k preview-9376c & k preview-9350c & k preview-

c & k preview-9447

c & k preview-9385
c & k preview-9400c & k preview-9397
c & k preview-9393
c & k preview-9452
c & k preview-9458

c & k preview-9462c & k preview-9440

c & k preview-9480

c & k preview-9484

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