Marc and Amanda {Houston wedding photography}

I have known Amanda since we were little girls so I was thrilled to be asked to photograph her wedding down in Houston. We just made a family weekend trip out of it. Nothing was rushed, everything flowed, nothing dragged, ceremony was beautiful~complete with a tear or two, dinner was lovely and the party was fun! Congratulations Marc and Amanda!

amanda and marc preview-9537

amanda and marc preview-9556amanda and marc preview-amanda and marc preview-9697amanda and marc preview-9711amanda and marc preview-9723amanda and marc preview--2amanda and marc preview-9613amanda and marc preview-9617amanda and marc preview-9751amanda and marc preview-9760amanda and marc preview-9779amanda and marc preview-9790amanda and marc preview-9804amanda and marc preview-9809amanda and marc preview-9825amanda and marc preview-9837amanda and marc preview-9848amanda and marc preview-9891amanda and marc preview-9897amanda and marc preview-9914amanda and marc preview-9924amanda and marc preview-9932amanda and marc preview-0024amanda and marc preview-0038amanda and marc preview--3amanda and marc preview-0072amanda and marc preview-0193amanda and marc preview-0171amanda and marc preview-0191amanda and marc preview-0251amanda and marc preview-0284amanda and marc preview-0285amanda and marc preview-0286amanda and marc preview-0287amanda and marc preview-0289


Chris and Katie’s wedding {DFW wedding photographer}

Sweet Katie and Sweet Chris. This was one of those couples that you just can not wait for them to start their lives together because you just know they will not only “make it” but will make an impact on this world together. It was so lovely for me to be a part of their special day and I am lucky to be able to share a sneak peak of their love story with you today.
*sorry that the image placement skips all over the page. blogger was giving me trouble tonight :-/

c & k preview-8923

c & k preview-8921

c & k preview-8954
c & k preview-8976
c & k preview-9001

c & k preview-8985

c & k preview-9011

c & k preview-9015
c & k preview-9021c & k preview-9030
c & k preview-9079

c & k preview-9066

c & k preview-9071

c & k preview-9165

c & k preview-9123

c & k preview-9172

c & k preview-9182

c & k preview-9213

c & k preview-9232

c & k preview-9249

c & k preview-9341

c & k preview-9365c & k preview-9356

c & k preview-9376c & k preview-9350c & k preview-

c & k preview-9447

c & k preview-9385
c & k preview-9400c & k preview-9397
c & k preview-9393
c & k preview-9452
c & k preview-9458

c & k preview-9462c & k preview-9440

c & k preview-9480

c & k preview-9484


The Birth Of Bryson {DFW Birth Photography}

Birth is a miracle. Every single one. I am honored and humbled every time I am invited in to that sacred place. The tears come every time. I am overwhelmed with the energy that fills the room when a new soul takes it’s first breath. There are really no words to describe that moment. Today is was a beautiful day to be born. God is good…All the time.

bryson preview-
bryson preview-8890

bryson preview-8900

bryson preview-8910

bryson preview-8917

bryson preview-8942

bryson preview-8953

bryson preview-8962

bryson preview-8974

bryson preview-8978

bryson preview-8981

bryson preview-9029

bryson preview-9045

bryson preview-9069

bryson preview-9095

bryson preview-9184

bryson preview-9207

bryson preview-9211


“It’s never to late for happily ever after” Kelli and Don’s wedding {DFW wedding photographer}

Words can simply not do this wedding justice. It certainly wasn’t your typical, traditional wedding that’s for sure! I’m not even going to attempt to try and describe the awesomeness of this day down to ever last detail. The pictures will have to speak for themselves. 

Their ingredients
~date~ St. Patrick’s Day, The luckiest day of the year to marry
~site~ The Harmony Garden Wedding Chapel in Ben Wheeler Texas
~decor~ The Amazing Bride herself, assisted by fairies and sprites and other woodland creatures
~bouquet~  Handmade by the bride with a collection of broaches and hand-tied in silk trimmings from the bride’s gown.
~reception location and catering~  The Forge
~transportation~ City of Ben Wheeler Double Decker Bus
~honeymoon~ Scotland and Ireland

kelli and don preview-6575kelli and don preview--2kelli and don preview-6672kelli and don preview-6712kelli and don preview-kelli and don preview-6763kelli and don preview-6793kelli and don preview-6795kelli and don preview-6870kelli and don preview-6884
kelli and don preview-6894
kelli and don preview-6904
kelli and don preview-6931
kelli and don preview-6934
kelli and don preview-6968kelli and don preview-6972kelli and don preview-6980
kelli and don preview-7025
kelli and don preview-7030
kelli and don preview--3
kelli and don preview-7003kelli and don preview-7075kelli and don preview-7187
kelli and don preview-7057

kelli and don preview-7265
kelli and don preview-7261kelli and don preview-7127kelli and don preview-7128kelli and don preview-7227
kelli and don preview-7238
kelli and don preview-7307
kelli and don preview-7314kelli and don preview-7377kelli and don preview-7385
kelli and don preview-7338kelli and don preview-7355
kelli and don preview-7422
kelli and don preview-7363kelli and don preview-7217


Sweet baby K {DFW newborn photography}

I wish this was just another traditional newborn session blog post. Unfortunately I had to visit this sweet baby at the hospital. In short he has a severe allergy to dairy and soy so his formula was causing him problems. He went to the hospital for complications from the allergy and was exposed to RSV. With his system already ravaged he is now fighting a dangerous virus. He is fighting to breathe, to eat, to gain weight, fighting to live. It shouldn’t be this hard for little ones. Your heart breaks for them and you want to take it away. I can’t take it away but I can share these images. I can share some of the circumstances. I can share the need and the need is great.
First and foremost this family needs your prayers for complete healing and endurance to run this race. 
The financial needs are great. Not only are the hospital bills stacking up but mom and dad haven’t been able to work regularly since sometime back in November. Daddy has had his own hospital stays and health concerns and then both of the babies health began to deteriorate. *they also have a 14 month old who has been hospitalized and is now discharged and staying with a family friend. As you know it takes a lot of money to pay the bills and you can’t make money if your family is in and out of the hospital. Right now mom and Dad are camped out at the hospital 24/7. How can you even think about work when your biggest concern for the day is that your baby keeps breathing?
I am linking to a facebook page Praying for the Crows where you can follow along and get updates as well as information on how to help and donate. Please share, pray and donate as you feel led! 

khrystian preview-4177khrystian preview-4179khrystian preview-4181khrystian preview-4186khrystian preview-4185khrystian preview-4188khrystian preview-4189khrystian preview-4192khrystian preview-4193khrystian preview-4190


The Birth of “Baby Evie” {DFW Birth and Newborn Photography}

The mastermind of this project was Shannon Blackwell, marketing guru for Birth Boot Camp Child Birth Education Classes. I was the creative director and photographer. We had so much fun putting this together for your amusement! Enjoy!

Here’s a note from mama Glimmer:
I feel like the luckiest elf in the world today! I had an amazing unmedicated waterbirth at the Ye Olde Birth Center at the North Pole. My midwife Mrs. Claus was such a sweet lady, so incredibly competent and well trained when things got tough and I am thankful she told me about your program. Our Birth Boot Camp instructor, while she was a Nutcracker, was an inspiration! Anyone who can have a natural birth with no flexible parts is just amazing. And her knowledge was top notch.
I’ve included a link to our slide show, and some pictures that weren’t in the slide show (we even got a placenta print! How cool!









positive pregnancy test

Gilroy and Glimmer positive test

glimmer preview-3155


belly side 2


Belly Up!

Getting ready for baby


evie shower


The Birth

glimmer preview-3323

glimmer preview-3337

glimmer preview-3346


Daddy Gilroy weighing newborn

elf placenta print

First moments


bath close up

cloth diapers on the line 2

babywearing 2

nursing photo 6

art newborn



Cole & Jared {DFW wedding coordinator}

I am primarily a photographer but for this wedding I provided event coordination and floral services. I of course brought my camera along to show you the elements of the vintage travel themed wedding that was held at the Historic McFarland House in downtown Fort Worth. The amazing cakes and “adam bombs” were provided by Stir Crazy Baked Goods. Catering and servers were provided by All In Good Taste Catering.  
For the Bride’s bouquet she wanted a more organic arrangement in all white. I chose star of Bethlehem, stock, freesia, queen anne’s lace and green coffee berries. This made for an amazingly fragrant bouquet! The stems were wrapped in the sleeve of the mother of the bride’s wedding dress. I made her do the actual cutting. I was not about to be the one to cut up someone else’s wedding dress!
To set the scene for the outdoor reception we set up cocktail tables and seating area with travel trunks used as coffee tables. On each table we placed a cluster of different sized and shaped vases and bottles filled with wildflower stems. These included sunflowers, pink wax flower, yellow sollidago, purple larkspur, explosion grass, coffee berries, queen anne’s lace & pink bullets.
The bride’s cake was coconut chocolate chip cake, coconut butter cream frosting topped with chocolate ganache. Spiced chai latte cake and “adam bombs” for the groom completed the dessert table.
The heavy hors d’oeuvres included goat cheese & apple canapes, marinated basil & mozzarella skewers, Italian meats & cheeses and baba ghannoush with pita chips. 
To send the couple off at the end of the night the guests carried lanterns to light the pathway and waved handkerchiefs that read “Bon Voyage!”

cole preview-2178

cole preview-2181

cole preview-2183

cole preview-2185

cole preview-2186

cole preview-2187

cole preview-2201

cole preview-2202

cole preview-2203

cole preview-2205cole preview-2209

cole preview-2210

cole preview-2220
cole preview-2221

cole preview-2224
cole preview-2196

cole preview-2230

cole preview-2229

cole preview-2232
cole preview-2233
cole preview-2236
cole preview-2238
cole preview-2239
cole preview-2243
cole preview-2249
cole preview-2252
cole preview-2256
cole preview-2262
cole preview-2265
cole preview-2270
cole preview-2274
cole preview-2277
cole preview-2286
cole preview-2292


The Birth of Rowan {DFW Birth Photography}

“Rowan Lura Lillibridge was born 2 hours after the peak of the full moon on devils night, the night before Halloween. Born on her due date, just like her sister, Ruby. She is tiny and fat and perfect. Rose is in love, we all are ♥♥” 

Where do I start to tell you about this beautiful family, birth and baby? With an ugly cry I suppose. I have been doing it for 2 days. At first I thought it was the sleep deprivation. I realized today, after 9 solid hours of uninterrupted sleep, that  was not the case. The tears are coming from 2 places. Both places are love, but one is the joyful kind being so completely elated and in love with this squishy baby.  The other place being the painful kind knowing that this birth meant the countdown to saying goodbye to special friends. They will be moving soon to be with family up north. Damn Yankees!!
Today, since I am looking at the keyboard through cloudy eyes, I will let the images tell the story of this beautiful birth.
I love you precious family.

lillibridge baby preview-1610

lillibridge baby preview-1619

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lillibridge baby preview-1632

lillibridge baby preview-1654

lillibridge baby preview-1680

lillibridge baby preview-1683

lillibridge baby preview-1687

lillibridge baby preview-1717

lillibridge baby preview-1741

lillibridge baby preview-1750

lillibridge baby preview-1753

lillibridge baby preview-1785

lillibridge baby preview-1785-2

lillibridge baby preview-1795

lillibridge baby preview-1819

lillibridge baby preview-1828

lillibridge baby preview-1855

lillibridge baby preview-2032

lillibridge baby preview-2038

lillibridge baby preview-2073

lillibridge baby preview-2086

lillibridge baby preview-2087

Thank you Jenni of Joyful Birth ~ Doula Care for taking this image of me getting sweet snuggle time!

lillibridge baby preview-2016

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