“I used Bonnie for my boudoir shoot, but it was a pregnancy shoot too being this is my last baby and my husband loves the pregnant look so I wanted to capture it other than iPhone pics. I had never met Bonnie before so I was a little nervous because of that and well I was being or trying to be all sexy while 6 months pregnant. She is so sweet and very nice. She made me feel very comfortable also being I had no idea what I was doing she knows just the right ways to position you and also listens. I had a few ideas I had seen and asked her about them and got them done.” ~ Meg S.


“I met Bonnie through an online moms group. While reaching out to them to announce I had just been proposed to by my boyfriend, Bonnie came to my rescue. I was so excited and wanted to plan right away so we could be married on our anniversary, which was 47 days away. I mentioned that we’d have to do a courthouse wedding because we were on a budget and didn’t want anything big and had such a short time frame. Bonnie reached out to me and let me know that just because I was on a budget it didn’t mean I couldn’t have an actual wedding and it be everything I dreamt about. Within 2 hours of being proposed to I had a whole wedding planned down to location, flowers, efficient and of course photographer. All of this because of Bonnie offering her help and her wonderful experience and ideas. She and I met up before the wedding to go over final touches and she even did some beautiful henna for me to have on my wedding day. She helped me handpick my bouquet and took the flowers home with her to put them together for me. Come wedding day she was in contact with me throughout the morning and was on time for the ceremony. She was so cheerful and comfortable with my family, everyone enjoyed her being there. She was professional and sincere throughout the day and left us all with a smile. I was very pleased to wake up the next morning with a large preview of our photos. I cried when I saw them. She so perfectly captured our personality and the important moments of the day. After this I quickly received the CD with the rest of our images. All in all, Bonnie was professional, helpful, generous, sincere and knowledgeable. It is directly because of Bonnie that we had a wedding, a beautiful wedding. It is because of Bonnie that I look back on that day and remember the best day of my life, just like I always dreamed I would. I highly recommend Bonnie for wedding services and photography. My husband and I hope to renew our vows at our 10 year anniversary and we both agree there is no other person fit to help us and capture that day than Bonnie Lehr.” ~Andrea C.



“Gave my husband the book. He looked through it slowly and thoughtfully. Making sweet comments along the way. When he was done he finally turned to look at me….and the look in his eyes made it all worth it. Excitement, gratefulness (he knows how prude I am), adoration, love, enticement….it was perfect. Made it all worth it. Goal achieved!!!” ~Anonymous


“I had my boudoir photos done by Bonnie in Feb of 2014 at a group shoot. The moment I arrived I felt that I was going to have a great experience. Bonnie helped to be relaxed and have fun. I have pictures that are high quality and I feel so beautiful every time I look at them. I used the photos to make a book for my husband’s birthday. He absolutely loves it. I wasn’t feeling really sexy at the time that I had the photos done because the previous November I’d had a baby but you can’t tell that from looking at the pics!” ~ Ashley G.


” Bonnie’s attention to detail and nuance is incredible. She captured the spirit, the whimsy and the atmosphere of our big day, all while keeping the focus on the “heart” of the celebration (we as a couple, our family and friends). She’s a highly skilled professional, who is approachable and innovative. After we set the date, the only other thing we knew for sure….. Bonnie was going to be our wedding photographer. She is extremely talented and experienced. We could not have been happier with our decision. “~ Kelli H and Don H


“Bonnie was great to work with! She did a boudoir session for me when I was 10 weeks pregnant. I didn’t want my akward first trimester bump in the pictures & she was able to position me to hide it. I was saving maternity pics for another time. I felt very comfortable with her even though this type of shoot would normally be way out of my comfort zone! Thanks Bonnie, my husband & I love the photo book I made from this shoot!” ~ Emily F.


“I wanted to do something special for my husband for Valentines day, I was 11 months postpartum and not feeling very confident in my body. I knew he would never believe I would take boudoir photos for him… Which is why I HAD to muster up the courage to do it! I contacted Bonnie and set the appointment, I was so nervous! The day rolled around, I got to the location, got ready, and as soon as the shoot started all of my fears melted away! Bonnie’s wonderful personality and amazing skills made my modesty disappear. When I got the photos a few days later I could not believe that the lady in those pictures was actually me! Bonnie is amazing!! I’m so thankful that I took the chance and can’t wait to do another session with her. ” ~Stephanie J.


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